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It starts with a hop--takeoff and land on the same foot (left-left or right-right), then comes the step. The step begins with the same foot as the hop takeoff and landing. The step ends on the other foot (left-right or right-left). The takeoff for the jump phase is done with the landed foot from the step phase. The foot plant action is left-left-right of right-right-left.


See the "long jump" page for approach/run-up information.

Unless the takeoff foot is opposite to the long jump takeoff foot, the approach is virtually the same in both jumps. Opposite foot takeoff would require one more stride in the approach run. The penultimate stride is the same.

On the takeoff stride, the foot should not extend quite as far forward and should land very slightly in front of the COM. Likewise, the lowering of the COM will be less than in the LJ. There should be more of a forward swing with the free leg, with the foot remaining on the board as long as possible. The foot should paw or push backward on the board. The recovery of the trail leg heel should be higher and the foot should continue up and over the opposite knee.

In the hop phase, there should only be a single arm forward swing, rather than a double arm swing as used in the LJ. The takeoff foot should extend forward making a more obtuse knee angle. The foot should land as nearly as possible to directly under the COM and it should rip backward at push-off.

In going into the step, the foot should extend backward forming an angle of near 90 degrees. The takeoff foot must extend forward, making an angle greater than 90 degrees. As the shin is extended, the ankle should become locked with the foot dorsiflexed.

As in the LJ, gaining height while maintaining forward velocity is critical in the jump phase. There must have been some lowering of the COM to obtain an upward motion at takeoff. The takeoff foot should rip backward on the board, then both legs are to be extended in front of the body. There should be a double arm swing, blocking and a rearward thrust as is done in the long jump.

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