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The term "throws" is a bit of a misnomer, because the are action is not a throwing action in these events. A ball is thrown with one type throwing action while T&F implements are "thrown" with a different arm action. Use of the incorrect arm action can and will cause shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears.

These are technical events that require the use of proper technique coupled with speed strength. The length of the flight of the implement is dependent upon the speed when it leaves the hand, the height above the ground as it leaves the hand and the angle of the flight path.

All of the following discussions are written to relate to a right handed thrower. Whenever "right" and "left" are used, a left handed thrower should reverse these.


Regardless of age, the biggest mistake made by beginning throwers is that they pick up the implement and begin throwing without learning the proper technique. By doing this, they are teaching the body movements that may be incorrect. It can take up to 2000 reps to re-teach the body the correct movement. Learn the proper technique, then throw. Don't throw and then learn the technique.


Gymboss Timers


This is a good, explosive action plyometric drill recommended for all throwers. In addition to helping develop leg strength, it will aid in learning to rotate the body around the vertical axis, a common throw motion.

To begin, stand with both feet close together. Then, execute a double legged jump and rotate/turn through 180 degrees while in the air. Without stopping to recover, repeat the jump trying to increase the jumping distance. Do four to eight jumps, recover and repeat.


(Editors Note: This is a portion of an article on the differences between "externally paced acts" such as running events and "self paced acts" such as field events. For a copy of the total article, please contact me.)

Strategies for Self Paced Acts






Robert N. Singer, Univ. of Florida--Proceedings of the International Track & Field Coaches Association.

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