McFarlane’s Basic Continuous Warm-up—Sequence 1

BY: Brent McFarlane, Canadian Head T&F Coach, Sydney 2000

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Start with 1000 -1500m easy jog.

I. 4 x 50m easy jog (turnaround every 50m).

2. Jog backwards 50m and jog 50m.

3. Jog 50m changing direction.

4. Jog 2 X 50 slowly bending to touch the ground (3 point start) and gradually accelerate 10 to 15m

5. Jog 50m doing high knee lifts as you feel (A's at a skip) alternating legs. Jog 50m.

6. Jog 50m doing leg extensions (B's at a skip) as you feel alternating legs. Jog 50m.

7. Easy jog for 50m bending over to touch toes as you go.

8. Skipping 50m (no rope needed) with arms swinging.

9. Walk 50m swinging arms forwards.

10. Walk 50m swinging arms backwards.

11. Walk 50m fast swinging arms fast forwards.

12. Jog 50m trippling (ankle drive drill).

13. Jog 50m with ankle hops (extensions/driving) (both ankles, left. right, side to side).

14. Jog 50m doing alternate knee lifts (A's) to the front and then to the side (switch legs) as you feel.

15. Repeat 14 with emphasis on ankle drive.

16. Jog 50m doing cross steps (running sideways) with arms crossed in front of body and alternating direction of cross-step.

17. Walk several times 50m doing various flexibility movements: alternate toe touching (gently dynamic), hip circles (twists), ankle extensions (Achilles stretch), groin stretch (lunge position) -a total of 10 repetitions per exercise are necessary to get the desired effect. Note: Doing flexibility work is always a good option when athletes are seen to be tiring.

18. Walk several times 50m doing event specific flexibility exercises using a partner, equipment or a support; hurdle lead leg drills on a wall, free leg swings forward and sideways (straight and bent leg) while leaning against a wall, various hurdling stretch positions while sitting (gently dynamic), leg swings forward to kick hands in front of body (there is an endless choice to suit needs).

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19. Sprint drills 40m x (high knee lifts, trail leg action, leg extensions) (actually A, C and B Mach exercises) done over 20m distances with a walk back recovery. Start slowly and get more dynamic.

20. Jog 2 x 50m each including 6 times easy starting positions and accelerations.

21. 2 x 50m easy acceleration

22. 2 x 50m controlled and smooth acceleration (95 + %)

23. 40m acceleration, hold speed for 20m and then relax.

24. Repeat 23 emphasizing frequency and "fast hands"

25. Hurdle event specific drills: runs over 1 to 4 hurdles using 4-stride pattern with walk back recovery.

(Fewer exercises, longer time for warming up and more recovery are necessary in the competition phase of this continuous warm-up. The warm-up ends 20-30 minutes before competition.)

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