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1. Vertical leap - A test of explosiveness that begins by measuring a player with his arms fully extended over his head. He then leaps straight up and the measurement is calculated by taking the difference between his original ''height'' and the marker he hits with his fingers when he jumps. ''You don't want to win the first half of that test,'' meaning there are legal ways to ''reduce'' your arms length height, thus adding inches to your leap on paper if not in fact.

2. Standing long jump - Another test of explosiveness.

3. 40-yard dash - This is the standard NFL test for speed, although no scout this reporter has talked to in 25 years around the NFL has ever been able to explain what makes the distance so magical. Roosevelt Brown of the New York Giants once theorized, ''That was probably the length of the field the first time anyone ever got timed in a sprint.'' So much for science. In this event, time improvement most depends on the start. If a player can improve the first 10 yards by even one-10th of a second, it could be significant. Players are also timed electronically at 10, 20, and 30 yards during the sprint.

4. 20-yard shuttle - An agility drill. Proper footwork will reduce the number of steps taken.

5. 60-yard shuttle - Same theory, same process but more of an endurance test.

6. Bench press - How many times can you throw up 225 pounds? Depending on your position, the scouts have ratios for strength marks. ''Is there really a difference in strength between 19 reps and 20? No, but the NFL thinks so."

7. J-cone drill - Another quickness and agility drill that concentrates on change of direction. Concentrates on footwork and reducing the number of steps taken to move from point A to point B.

8. 3-cone drill - This is also a quickness and agility drill. In this drill, the athlete does a figure 8 up and back around the cones.

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