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This site is dedicated to Ross Dunton, 1932 - 2013

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230+ Coaching Articles for Track & Field, Athletics, and other sports:

Football & Basketball Speed and Drills:

Speed Training (40 yard dash - 60 meters - 100/200 meters):

400 meters (visit for a detailed look on the 400)

800 meters - 1500 meters - Steeplechase - distance running - Cross-Country:

Hurdles (short & long):

The Jumps (in general) :

High Jump:

Long Jump:

Triple Jump:

Pole Vault:

The Throws (general):

Hammer Throw:

Shot Put:




Click here for more information on Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Strength Training, Weight Training & Plyometrics: (see also the Supertraining Blog's weight training section)

Abdominals and Core Stabilty:


Women's section:

Youth Training:

The Warm Up:

Race Walking:

Stretching & Flexibility:

Sports Psychology:

Training, Planning, and Peaking:


Heat Training:

Sport Science & other articles:

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